Yves Vekemans.

Founder of Herculean Alliance, a Duval Union member. Employee Engagement Specialists. Building an international ecosystem of experts and formats.


Role. Owner of the Employee Engagement Awards, focusing on business development in new countries.

Mantra. Dream, focus, team, network. I truly believe that everything we do is about Energy and Resonance. 

Growth Mindset. I had the opportunity to learn from amazing mentors in different industries, different countries and in different corporate jobs. I obtained a master in Math and Tech with an MBA and a postgraduate in Operations Management.

CSR. I promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and believe in the power of CSR 2.0. I'm helping Think Pink, Special Olympics and many other initiatives to grow.

One more thing. In 2019, we joined forces with Duval Union with +200 marketing specialists. Because HR and Marketing are converging.

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Yves Vekemans - Cofounder - Employee Engagement Awards
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