Yves Vekemans.

co-Founder of Herculean Alliance. Employee Engagement Specialists. Building an international ecosystem of experts and formats.


Role. co-founder of the Employee Engagement Awards, focusing on business development in new countries.

Mantra. Dream, focus, team, network. I truly believe that everything we do is about Energy and Resonance. 

Growth Mindset. I had the opportunity to learn from amazing mentors in different industries, different countries and in different corporate jobs. I obtained a master in Math and Tech with an MBA and a postgraduate in Operations Management.

CSR. I promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and believe in the power of CSR 2.0.

One more thing. In 2019, we joined forces with Duval Union with +200 marketing specialists. Because HR and Marketing are converging.

Connect. LinkedIn // Facebook // Instagram

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