"87% of employees is not engaged." - Gallup


"Belonging is the number 1 priority, post COVID. Wellbeing is number 2. " - Deloitte Human Capital Trend Report 2020 UAE. Many certification programs exist for many years and are doing a great job to help you professionalise HR. Keep doing that! But we need more to recover from this global pandemic.

We add an extra layer on your HR transformation strategy and actually test engagement of people and teams through different challenges during several months. Call it a program to:

  • Upgrade your employee engagement strategy.
  • Learn & share insights with other participants and experts.
  • Measure, benchmark and improve key drivers that impact belonging & wellbeing.
  • Boost your employer brand and prove that you care about people.
  • Involve your teams, give hope, have fun and increase belonging and trust.
  • Connect with fellow CxO's and experts in the region.
  • Win an award and transform your employees into proud ambassadors.

As it's an online TV format, with hybrid challenges, so it's completely COVID-proof. What else can you do, honestly?


1: Register or nominate your organisation in the small, medium, or large category. We plan an intake call with one of our facilitators to discuss your goals, share best practices, and explain the participation fees.

2: Jour journey starts. Work on your case with your own team. We give your organisation and teams access to our engagement platform with 5 diverse hybrid challenges to help you measure how engaged your people really are.

3: The jury screens all the cases and gives feedback to all. They nominate candidates per category to go to the final round. Nominees and their teams up their game, based on jury feedback, and show resilience. Nominees pitch for 7 minutes in an online TV quality show.

4: Should COVID allow, which we assume, we will also organise a separate awards event.


"This was fun! Such a refreshing hybrid concept. We learned a lot and our employees are even prouder to work in our organisation."

"We didn't win Gold this year but we felt like winners. The progress we made was worth the effort. We will definitely be back next year, stronger than ever!"


Here comes the fun part! You can win several awards and it's not only about bronze, silver or gold. Awards are handed out during the Award Event, or we bring them to your office with a film crew, depending on COVID restrictions.


Gold, Silver, Bronze, NextGen

These are awarded by the juries to the organisations who made it into the final pitching round. It's based on months of hard work from yourself and your teams! The NextGen award is specifially awarded by the NextGen jurors.


Sector awards

Depending on the number of participants per sector, the jury can decide to have a separate ranking per sector and hand out awards accordingly.


Category awards

As you and your co-workers will be challenged in several categories or domains, we will award special awards per category. Maybe you didn't become the overall winner, but you won gold in the "Wellbeing" or the "Employer Branding" category for example. Which domains we will test remains the best kept secret of Dubai, but rest assured: it will be fun and engaging!