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Register your organisation for the Bravos, join the community and start your journey to up your employee engagement game, powered by our coaches.


Write your employee engagement case to convince the Expert and NextGen jury. Connect, listen, share and improve during the Lab events.


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Call for candidates!

If we want to realise the Dubai 2030 vision, we need to improve our employee engagement game.

The Bravos are a proven concept, not a commercial employee engagement award. Two juries will test employee engagement in your organisation and give feedback. Our coaches will help you. The finalists will make it to an online TV show, and everyone will be invited to the red carpet celebration. It's like the Oscars for companies.

Every organisation from any sector can join, regardless of size or current engagement levels. There are several awards to be won.

We're looking for organisations with authentic and sustainable stories that intertwine passion, creativity, customer delight, and progress.

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