Employee Engagement Awards


Employee Engagement Awards is a format owned by Herculean Alliance, Employee Engagement Specialists. Crafting Powerful Workforces since 1999. We are building an ecosystem of diverse experts, powered by a platform and formats, to measure and improve employee engagement.

The Employee Engagement Awards is a means to create an ecosystem of experts and share experiences with the world. But there's more. Certification programs like Top Employers, Great Place to Work, Lean or ISO offer great value, so please keep on doing that. However, we wanted to measure employee engagement in real life, hence the different challenges with coaches guiding you to involve your people.

Together with solid local partners in the UAE - combined with international partners - we launch the first Dubai edition in 2021, completely Corona-proof.

You might know Herculean Alliance in the UAE from our other formats, like Hercules Trophy, Pink Ladies Games, Fabrica, Aura and Machina. We've been operating in the UAE since 2009.

Alliance leadership team.