Wendy Vermoesen.

Partner at Yambla a digital platform supporting organizations in innovating through collaborative innovation.


Role.  Customer Success Manager at Yambla, supporting and inspiring companies in creating successful online collaborative innovation communities and engaging all employees in innovation.

Belief. You are never too small to make an impact. One idea or conversation could mean the difference between success and failure. I am convinced that progress is the result of a joint effort by many people together, every single day.

People Person. I believe in paying it forward, doing good for others and passing on sparks of inspiration in every way possible. By helping others grow, we grow ourselves.

STEM ambassador. I am an advocate for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) with a focus on women. Enabling everyone to participate in STEM is the only way to a sustainable future. We need to guarantee that no one experiences technology as a barrier, but as an enabler to realise their goals and dreams.

Innovation Catalyst. At Yambla, we believe that innovation is a collaborative effort. Employee engagement is a catalyst for collaborative innovation and vice versa. By enabling employees with the power to innovate, they will become even bigger ambassadors, because they know their ideas make a difference.

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wendy vermoesen
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