Olaf Hermans.

I am an international research authority in creating the Relational Mindset among a majority of employees and customers to closely engage and successfully pursue shared goals. 

Being the Chief Relational Science of R-Intervention, a Pennsylvania based consulting and technology company, my team and I help organizations to implement scalable relational interaction and behavior protocols to move their people forward “en masse”.


Role. Positive and exceptional behaviour should be the only label that businesses apply to their employees and customers, and the sole basis for people assessment and preferential treatment. My research team and I have built the broadest inventory of such positive behaviours. To derive maximum benefit and value of these behaviours, we now help organizations to create the space and triggers for these behaviours to pop up everywhere in the operating environment and form the Engagement DNA. 

Belief. Loyalty is a gift from employees and customers to a brand or organization. It is created through relational engagement as the distinct interactive process that runs parallel to the usual task-based communication and collaboration. Loyal people should be given the freedom to connect with the right people and work on the projects and processes they like and add most value to. Not fixed teams but dynamically arranged clusters of individuals are the preferred organization form of the future.

Growth Mindset. Over the last 20 years, companies have not been able to increase the output per employee, nor their happiness. It means that there are important limitations to the efficiency of the current communication and organization models, including the digital and social ones! Personal goodwill is the driver of people’s maximum effort in view of anticipated growth together. Average employee goodwill today scores lower than 7 (out of 10) yet can easily be increased through intimate one-on-one relational inter-activity, inclusion, and by stimulating people’s own contribution to and co-ownership of company success. 

Doing Good. I am an expert, coach, consultant, counsellor, and co-author of many authors of international business books, and of first-tier technology and consulting companies. Organizations and projects with high purpose get my free advice on how to reach their purpose more swiftly and more massively. Together with other academic and professional leaders, I am engaged in creating structured human behaviour rule books and repositories. These rules assist people and systems to actively involve others in their decisions and to reach more people in more human ways. 

Did you know? Science shows that time plays no role in the creation of actively engaged relationships. My cognitive science team and I have revealed the psychological and communicational path to potentially instantly transform passive non-relational participants into active goodwill pro-actors in any environment. Here is a white-paper that describes how a majority of people can be moved into such “relational position” in no time:  Relational Positioning of iPeople.

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