Noura Itani.

Business Analyst and a youth advocate, helping employers bridge the skill gap between the younger generation and the digital skills required in the workplace. 


Role. I am a Marketplace Operations Analyst at with experience in analytics and process design.

Mantra. Don't wish for it, work for it. I truly believe that our only limitations are the ones we set on ourselves. Our potential is infinite and the only difference between success and failure is the action we take today.

Youth Ambassador. I am an advocate for youth with a focus on supporting local talent in their journey towards employment. I am also the writer of nourablogs, I write articles from time to time on youth employment and career development. 

One more thing. In 2018, I was a mentee at Women@Dior, an international mentoring program that has coached me and thousands of young women all over the world. The program aimed to empower young female professionals to strive in the workplace and reach new heights. 

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noura itani
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