Jeremy Denisty.

MENA Office Lead at Scopernia, a unique advisory firm focused on future-proofing organizations by crafting and implementing transformation and innovation strategies.


Role. Leading Scopernia’s MENA Office, juggling between overseeing client projects and growing our venture.

Mantra. The only constant is change. It is our role as human beings to embrace it and turn it into opportunities.

Growth Mindset. I started my career working 5 years at Unilever. During my time there I developed a passion for growing businesses, teams, and individuals while learning from amazing mentors. Now staying busy achieving our vision at Scopernia MENA to become the most innovative and forward-thinking advisory ecosystem partner so that organizations in the Middle East can grow sustainably for decades to come.

CSR. We work with our clients and partners helping them build responsible organizations with sustainable growth, both from a business and from a human perspective.

One more thing. We believe so much in innovating by building bridges between corporates and startups that we wrote a book about it: Corporate Venturing, Accelerate Growth Through Collaboration with Startups.

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jeremy denisty
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