Flo Akinbiyi.

Communication Coach and Expert - Communication and Presentation Coach | Winning Communication I Virtual Moderator I Speaker


Role. Communication Coach and Expert - on stage, in webinars, at conferences, hosting events, giving keynotes, or behind the scenes, helping leaders and teams take their communication skills to the next level. 

Mantra. Always find a positive angle to look at life, no matter how big your challenges are.

Growth Mindset. I follow the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen: Continuous improvement. My journey started as a small boy on stage, in a Choir and Theater plays. In the last 18 years, my skills continuously grew through my experiences in Brand Communication and as a Moderator, Online Presenter, Speaker, and Toastmaster.

Stats. I worked with 150+ Brands, coached 1000+ professionals, entertained 55.000+ individuals, and engaged 800.000+ people online.

One more thing. I have an unbeatable positive attitude, and please be warned it can be contagious.

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flo akinbiyi
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