Aysha Alawadhi.

Human. HR nerd. Diversity advocate. Aiming to elevate society.


Role. Human. HR nerd. Diversity advocate. Aiming to elevate society.

Mantra. Invite the differences. Be thankful for the challenges and never stop growing. 

Growth Mindset. I have had the privilege of working on great projects all over the world, with some truly amazing people. I learned early on that what makes us unique as individuals, is what makes us stronger as a collective. I earned my masters of science in Human Resource Management, and truly believe the cultivation of talent in all avenues of life will make the world a better place.

CSR. I am an advocate for diversity in all of its forms, pushing organizations to be brave and breakdown barriers to inclusion. I am also a coach and mentor to youth and executives, and both sets of clients are encouraged to reimagine their ability to make a difference.

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